Fighting Fish Sticks Jr Bass Club
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The Fighting Fish Sticks Jr Bass Club meets once a month at 6:00 or 6:30 pm for general business, educational programs and guest speakers.  The meetings are located at Sportsmans Warehouse in Loveland, Co.

Upcoming Events

Jr Bass Club Meeting
Tuesday March 12, 2019
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Sportsmans Warehouse, Loveland, Co

All about Jr. Bassmaster 

One of the most dynamic and exciting opportunities BASS has created for Junior anglers is the Junior Bassmaster World Championship! Just like Mom or Dad competing in the BASS Federation Nation club competitions, this program allows Junior members to compete in a club level, ultimately qualifying for their Junior Bassmaster State Championship
The Fighting Fishsticks, is a Junior Bass Club based in Northern Colorado. This is a kids club and is sponsored by the Centennial Bass Club of Northern Colorado and affiliated with B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportsmans Society).  Juniors range from 7 to 18 years of age, and all kids compete in 4 tournaments per year.  Kids from 11 – 14, compete in the 4 tournaments to qualify for a chance to fish in the State Championship and compete with other kids from around the State.  The 1st place thru 4th place Juniors  will be chosen from the State tournament to compete at the BASS Junior Nationals against other juniors from the Nation.

Along with the 4 tournaments per year, the club also holds fishing outings and business meetings where we discuss Conservation Projects, Fund Raisers, etc.  The club also has presentations from some of Colorado’s top anglers, DOW, and other conservation entities.  The Juniors are introduced to the importance of conservation, wildlife, fishing, plus tips for fishing and how to be ambassadors for our sport.  This is a great opportunity for the juniors to meet others that have the same desire for our sport.

To join the Northern Colorado Junior Bass Club you and a parent need to attend a tournament, outing, or meeting, where you can fill out an application and release form which is signed by you and your parent or guardian, there is also a $37.00 sign up fee which $10.00 goes to BASS for your membership, 17.00 to the Colorado Bass Nation State dues and $10.00 goes into the clubs general fund.  

During all outings, tournaments, etc. we also ask for the parents to attend to assist their junior bassmaster with fishing, measuring, or weighing of fish and just to be there to help supervise.  We have members of the adult club there but usually not enough to watch every junior bassmaster.  We encourage the parents to show up for each meeting where we teach the parents and kids fishing techniques and especially pass along information to the parents to help them teach there junior bassmaster how to fish.

You can visit our website at and click on the Junior Club link.

Please feel free to contact Frank Villa at for more information.

Frank Villa
CBC Youth Director

                    2019 Schedule TBD
                      Junior Bass Club

Date                Location                 Time

May 18           Arapahoe Bend      7a-12p    

June 2           Rivers Edge            7a-12p

July 27          Pella Crossing        7a-12p

Aug 4           Golden Ponds        7a-12p

Sept 22        Horsetooth State    6a- 2p  

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