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This page was last updated on: April 7, 2020
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April 4th - Horsetooth Team Tournament Canceled

April 7th - Meeting @ The Summit Possibly going to do a video conference

April 18th - Horsetooth Team Tournament Canceled

April 25-26th - Lake McConaughy Canceled

A Message from the CBC President
Hello everyone. During these very uncertain times we have all been facing difficult changes in our daily routines and lives. Today I learned that Larimer county will be canceling all special event permits issued through May 15, 2020. Larimer County (Mark Caughlan) did their best to provide us an exemption to these restrictions, as we are different than other gatherings, but it is just not possible. All special event permits have been declined. It is not a slight on the bass club in any form, it is simply the way they are managing the restrictions in place at this time in order to keep everyone healthy with social distancing, etc.
Given this information, tournaments at Horsetooth have been postponed until we receive word otherwise. Conversations will continue with Larimer county as more information becomes available, and we will also be having discussions as a tournament committee to identify when we can reschedule the dates that have been postponed. Larimer County did indicate that they intend to open for boating on April 1. They hope that we can still enjoy recreational fishing in a non-organized capacity. Which is huge for all of us that want to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air and participate in our passion.
Please be respectful of this decision and be a good partner to Larimer county and their decision on this matter. I know there will be some disappointment, but in these uncertain times everyone is doing their best to make tough decisions, and as a club we want to respect that.
We are actively working on updates for our Nebraska tournaments, as well as tournaments held at Colorado State Parks. When information becomes available we will pass that along as quickly as we can. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Bill Wilson or another boardmember. Please refrain from contacting Larimer County or Colorado State Parks directly about club concerns.
Thank you for your understanding. Our board is working hard on making this year's season a success given the challenging situation.

Sent from my iPad. Bill Wilson, President
Centennial Bass Club
Of Northern Colorado

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